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Sunday, July 21, 2013

  What is SEO ? Why It should use ?

Welcome everyone to my first post about seo series. In our site we are always trying to give you some special , some usefull , some important and some needable info from which you can solve your this consistency today we are coming to you with this serial tutorial about SEO learning.
 Many of you can ask a question that What the meaning of the Title ? A to Z it should be. Seo content is so huge that it's actually real knowledge can not be fully and constantly changing the rules of seo. So it is up to A to Y.

I'll try to give you the Advance level knowledge of the Entry level of ideas about seo, Basic rules are the same. It is very important to know the Fundamental rules for seo. If I have any mistakes in my post , then please let me know by comment I will try to solve those mistakes.
What is SEO ? and why is the use ?
There have 2 type of result
A)  Organic
B)   Paid

We are here to talk about organic search result. Cause it is free and its very easy to give the ad for paid search result if you cost money.
How does the Search work ?
The work of the two component search engine:
  • ·        Crawler - a predominantly from the website of the Information Collect (spider, robot / bot through) a Search Engine or SE follow a link to any of the information, and then store that information in their databesae.
  • ·        Algorithm - a search engine to obtain information from the analysis, the page's relevancy and quality of the content provided in accordance with the ranking. SE's Algorithm depends on many factor.
  • Simply seo is divided by 2 sector.
1) On Page Seo

2) Off Page Seo

What is SEO ?
seo - search engine optimization. seo is the policy / technique in which a variety of Web search engine (google, msn, yahoo etc) is more of Visitors / Traffic can get. In fact, seo search engine through its website that it would bring the first page, so the potential for increased greatly improve. In more simple way: if we want to download a song, then this is what we usually google search, we can write the lyrics line. Please note that we are now the google search button press displays the name of the website where we can get the song. Google the name of the page that shows the 10 oyerasaitaera. Now you might think that why this few sites are coming in the first page ? and why the rest sites are go for the behind page ? is Google doing this in his own wish ? or it has some another reason ? surely the sites of first page have some special , which haven’t into anothers.  Having this few speciality is called SEO, in which you can take your website to the first page. And first page means a lot of visitor.

Whom are new in seo they can follow Google Webmaster Guidline. If you follow the basic rules then you don’t need to be worried about seo. We make a website for visitor , for this reason if you can give them the main and expectable information then your 50-60% job will be done. Why a visitor do a search : They are looking for an answer to the question, or they are looking to solve a problem, or they want to meet their needs. If you can give them the answer of their question , solution of their problem , or the need of them through you site then you have don’t need to be tensed any more . 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Get the full power version ISO with KEYGUN
Hello and welcome friends. How are you all ? today I am coming with a great tune for you. In my this tune I will give you the Full Power Version ISO with KEYGUN …… and the way that how to and how to maintain its Registration system. Lets come to the main tune …..
In our daily works we use ISO and image file for many different works. Mainly ISO is the carbon copy of a cd or dvd. You gamer’s are know that which game we are downloading a huge of them are image file. Only windows 8 can open ISO image. For doing this we need a software which can open ISO image.
How to download power ISO :
Click this download link……..
how to install :
a)     Lets open the file by double click on it
b)    When windows user account control will be come click “ YES ”
c)     Now a window will be come as like as below
d)    Install this software by maintain the screenshots as below

Select your favourite option from this window..

Now when you will click the desktop icon a window will be open as like..

After that a window will be come as like. Maintain them as like as the screen shot..

It will be seen as like as below when all steps will be perfectly done

How to use keygun :
First of all its virus free. And virustotal online scen result

a)      Extract the rar file by winrar
b)      Now check out the screenshots of below

After that do copy the name of keygun from the name tab and paste it in the power ISO registration window’s name tab. do copy the serial from the serial tab and paste it in the registration window’s serial tab.
You get the software for free which price is around $29.
For download the keygun click this link…
if you like this tune please let us know by your valuable comment.

Wish you all the best 
Free Download Site for Android Paid Games
Hello friends how are you ? Today I have bought a free game downloading site for Android Games. In which are android user we have facing a lot of problem when we want to download Android paid games and paid apps. Even when we want to find out those by searching then it will also create a many problem. And every man have not credit card . and only for this a lot of android game lover can’t play there favourite game. So don’t we play this game ? of course we will play.
Today we will discuss about some site which will give us those Android game and Paid Apps for totally free. There are free game downloading site.
In this site  you can download your ‘ Paid games ‘ and ‘paid apps’ with ‘APK’ in you mobile or pc for very easy way. But this site don’t keep there update daily.
In this site all the the section of game are decorated by different category for this reason you can find you favourite paid games and paid apps with very easy and always keep maintain there updating process.
This my favourite site for android paid games downloading. They have all the details of every game and they keep all the elements up to date.  And you can download all game with ‘APK’ file.
This is it. I hope you can download all you favourite game easily. Our all tunes are well proved. If you like this tune pleas let us know by your valuable comment !!!

Wish you all the best 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Find Out Company Name by IP Address
Hello & Welcome Friends. Today I am coming with a IPAddress realetd hacking tips. You can call it also a technology tips. today I will show you that how to to find out the name of a Compay by its IP Address. So let’s enjoy this tremendous tech tips for free.
There have some name of some IP Address site you can know a lot of information by using this software and it is so easy .

this site’s are wel proved. You can check those out you don’t feel harrasement I think.


1. Select The Righ Domain

Eva and Charlotte carefully chose a catchy, appropriate domain name. I love this: TeensGotCents – a lovely play on words that touches on the wisdom this teen is going to impart to all who peruse her site.

2. Selected a Clean Relevant Design

The site is rocking a cleanly designed Genesis theme with a simple, very relevant header with clever tagline. The color choice is spot on – who in the US, at least, doesn’t associate green with money?
Genesis captured my heart immediately and apparently I’m not alone: Matt Cutts recently announced his Genesis preference. Not only is it more affordable than most premium themes, it’s more intuitive to use and comes with access to tutorials. You don’t need rocket science level CSS knowledge to customize the thing. Even the pre-made themes can be turned into one-of-a-kind designs with just a few adjustments.

3. Clever Use of Categories

The site has well defined and cleverly branded categories – this is the sign of a really cohesive brand. The categories make navigation easy and an unexpected element of entertainment with their play on words. Who can resist categories such as CommonCents, ShoppingCents or BlogCents? This smart move will help this team move beyond just owning a site to owning a brand – a business that can grow and create some awesome opportunities.

4. Organized a Team

They organized a well-matched team of writers and created a fun, light-hearted about me page.

5. Became Active on Social Media

Social media icons are visible and easy to find. This makes it easy for readers to follow them on other channels and share their content.

6. Offered a Subscriber Incentive and a Giveaway

Eva and Charlotte have created an enticing ebook and are offering it for free to attract subscribers. They’ve set it up so that when someone subscribers, it arrives in their inbox automatically.
Recently, they offered a cool giveaway to readers who commented with answer to a specific question. This works well to increase reader engagement and could be organized to encourage social shares, subscribers or follows – whatever element you want to increase can be incentivized with a giveaway.

7. Vibrant Photographs

When you arrive on the site, the vibrant, professional grade photographs immediately pull the eyes in and directly to the articles. These are not just any photos, you can actually find Eva and her interviewees in these photos. This shows that she is actively working hard to bring unique content that can only come from her perspective. This builds the site’s credibility and influence. It won’t be long before Eva is considered an authority in her niche.

8. Intelligent use of relevant videos

Eva is also making use of relevant videos on the site. This keeps readers engaged on site longer and helps to increase the site’s popularity in the eyes of the search engines. It’s also a great way to offer a variety of content – not everyone likes to read, some people are more visual learners and prefer to watch videos.

9. Connected with Local Experts

In many of posts on the site, it’s evident that the writers aren’t shy about reaching out to local experts and people of interest who have global appeal and relevance. Eva scored an interview with the CFO of the state of Florida, Jeff Atwater to discuss his views on finances – and there are tons more great interviews! This blog has the potential to really blow up in their local area, while still providing high value to people in any city.

10. Frequent updates

Since this blog’s beginning in January, it has already built up a solid foundation of content. Each post is engaging, many are short and easy to read. People just don’t have the patience for reading super long posts. Long posts have their place – I wouldn’t say never write a long post, but if a post runs longer than 1400 words, it’s better to break things up into parts like what I’ve done with yesterday’s and today’s post – imagine if I had tried to present all of this information along with yesterday’s post. You probably wouldn’t have finished the post to get through all of the information I’m presenting today.

11. Responds to comments

I remember the days when I could respond to every comment that came in. I’m sorry that I can’t anymore, but no matter what, it’s still a great way to build your blogs community and increase the level of interaction on your blog. When readers know you will respond, they go out of their way to comment. So if you want more comments, respond to the ones you get and you’ll quickly double your comment count and give your readers even more reasons to hang out at your blog.

12. Provides a way for people to contact them

In addition to engaging commentators, they’ve provide a visible link to a contact form that readers can use to reach them. There’s a Facebook Like Box and other social media icons available for reaching them on other channels.

13. Adheres to ethical standards

This site has a Disclosure page that lets people know that there’s a potential that they will earn a commission for recommended products. You’ll also find a Privacy Policy page that details the type of information that might be collected by the owners or sites such as Google when you enter their site.

14. Shares real life experiences

All contributors write in a very honest and transparent way and you can trust that they’ve truly interacted with their interviewees and they actually did what they said they did. They share their real experiences as it relates to finances and other closely related topics. When they are ready to monetize, this will be the deal-sealer for them. People will know that they can trust their recommendations and will be eager to buy whatever this team recommends will solve their problems.

15. Offers Help and Valuable Info

This site is just flat out helpful. It’s apparent that the goal is to offer solutions to teens and adults who are looking to improve their finances.
I’m sure I’ve left something out, you’ll just have to stop by and check things out for yourself and see what other strategies they’ve got up their sleeves.

Avoid 10 Social Media Mistakes 

Are you new to the social media world? Does the plethora of platforms and options make your head spin?
Maybe you just don’t know where to start, what to do, or what not to do.
This list will help you understand the frequently made mistakes of social media maintenance. If you can avoid these mistakes, you can save your time, money, and frustration.
*Note: If social media is something really new to you, then I suggest you start by reading these two articles: (7 Big Benefits of Social Media Beyond Traffic and Social Media: 5 Must-Have Tools for Bloggers).

1. Concentrating on one or too many social media platforms

Although the Facebook has become synonymous with social media, it is not the only network used for website promotion. To get more website traffic and more search engine results, you need to expand to other platforms. Google+ is your next best choice if you are short on time.
On the other hand, while you shouldn’t only concentrate on Facebook, maintaining too many platforms at the same time is very demanding. Many people who make this mistake quit entirely, because they find the social media results unrewarding. So start with a couple of networks and then expand to more when your blog grows organically. When this happens, you also won’t need to put in as much effort to maintain your networks.

2. Not optimizing your SEO

Besides the traffic benefits gained from social media networking, there are also some hidden SEO (search engine optimization) benefits. You can SEO your social media profile, boosting your presence in search engine results.
Simply treat your social media profile like you would treat your blog. Special attention should be given to the titles, URLs, and descriptions. Try to make what you say and share authentic.

3. Not using social media buttons

A secret to social media success is the iconic social media button. They should be embedded onto your website or blog in an easy-to-spot location.
I recommend you PURM:
§  Place the Facebook “like” and Google+ “Add to Circles” buttons in the sidebar, above the fold.
§  Use and position large social media buttons above the fold and in visible areas.
§  Remember that readers may be using tablets to view your pages. They should, as easily as computer-users, be able to share your content. (Another reason to use large buttons)
§  Make the Pinterest button available and configured correctly when you use an image.

4. Sharing content shouldn’t only from your blog

Unless you are Seth Godin or Danny Sullivan, the content you share shouldn’t only be from your blog. If you network and share content from other blogs or websites, you will actually get noticed more and get more followers.
Try also to follow the leaders in your niche; share their content continuously and interact with them by posting quality comments or mentioning them in your posts.

5. Following people incorrectly

All membership websites and blogs have rules, and social media networks are no exception. Don’t start adding and removing tons of people every day. I would say that adding 10 to 20 people a day on each social network is enough to grow your profile steadily and keep you under the radar at the same time.
If you are too aggressive, then you may get penalized. Facebook may not allow you to add new friends for 30 days; Twitter may suspend your account; Google+ may give you a notice. These penalties will only slow you down.
Many new users are excellent at following new people but not following back their already-loyal followers. If you don’t do them, then people will stop following you. This is why you see fluctuations in your followers count.

6. Not knowing the difference between a personal and business profile

Almost all social media networks, with the exception of Twitter, treat personal and business profiles differently. Facebook has the Facebook Business page, Google+ has the Google+ for business, and Pinterest recently introduced Pinterest for Business.
Your Facebook and Google+ personal accounts own your respective business accounts. First create your personal account; then your business account. Use your business profile to promote posts only from your website; use your personal profile to promote posts from other websites.
I have also written a post on Top 10 tips for a successful Facebook Page. I hope this help you to get started with a successful Facebook page.

7. Going on either autopilot or manual mode

There are many tools that automate social media tasks, but this is not entirely recommended. Personal contact should be used where it’s needed. Social networking is not only about connecting but also about engaging. To find new customers and more followers, engage with them both offline and online.
On the other hand, you cannot do everything by yourself. If you are active on more than one network, you will need a lot of time to make posts, write comments, and engage with your followers. You should use a tool for some of those tasks.
I use Buffer to schedule some of my Twitter tweets, giving me time to work on Facebook and Google+.

8. Neglecting the fact that people may “Like” or “+1” your post without reading or visiting your blog

I have noticed that many times, when I post a URL from my blog onto Facebook, there is a large number of Facebook likes but not many visits to the article page. It is then important to use good thumbnails, catchy titles, and attractive descriptions. Also try to post when many people are online. These tips can make your post go viral.
Thumbnails are especially important. Many studies have shown that posts that use nice thumbnails will get more likes, tweets, pins, etc. So every time you want to post, make sure to accompany the post with an attractive thumbnail.

9. Not Advertising

Let’s say that you have 2000 fans on your Facebook business page. When you post something new, it will only be seen by approximately 200 people, or 10 percent of your fans. The easiest way to fix this issue is to advertise.
It’s good to know that if you want to get more fans, likes, tweets, followers, and 1+s, then you should utilize the platforms’ advertising options. Facebook has Facebook ads, Twitter has promoted accounts and tweets (only available in the US), and Google+ has Adwords express platform. They are easy to use, they don’t cost much, and the results are very rewarding.
There is a common misconception that you are buying likes or tweets if you advertise. But really, you are just giving your posts a better chance of being seen. The likes and tweets still depend on the quality of your content.

10.  Not using hash tags

A hashtag is the easiest way to follow a discussion on any platform. For example, during the NBA finals you can search “#nbafinals” on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook to stay informed about the latest stories.
To use hashtags, just type “#” before your keyword. For example the tweet for this post would look like:
Top 10 social media mistakes to avoid #socialmedia #socialmediamistakes
Social media is a very important component to the digital marketing campaign. It is an absolute must for every blogger or entrepreneur who wants to stay afloat in the competitive, online world.
Now that you have educated yourself with the ins and outs of social media networking, go out and get busy!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Find Out Company Name by IP Address
Hello & Welcome Friends. Today I am coming with a IPAddress realetd hacking tips. You can call it also a technology tips. today I will show you that how to to find out the name of a Compay by its IP Address. So let’s enjoy this tremendous tech tips for free.
There have some name of some IP Address site you can know a lot of information by using this software and it is so easy .

this site’s are wel proved. You can check those out you don’t feel harrasement I think.
Create Set Up File by Winrar
Hi Friends how are you all ? in our post’s we will give you many kind of hacking , hardware , software , make money from online and as like as many tips. today I will show you that how to create a set up file by Winrar. It’s a well proved process. Let’s come with me and get this tips for free !!!
What is Winrar :  winrar is a very famous  software for “ Compressed “ any file.
In which file that in entering a huge data in one time and make those all file in a one file that called “Compressed” File. This will simply .rar extension. Mainly winrar is using for archiving but it can also use as a installer. Are you astonished ? ok don’t take panic. I will see you how to create a set up file by Winrar.
1)    First of all open the winrar . (start – programs – winrar – click winrar then winrar will be open)
2)    Now go that place in where you will create that set up folder.
3)    Select the File or Folder
4)    Now Commands – click to Add Files to Archive
5)    A dialogue box will be come.
6)    Check the box which name is Create Sfx Archive from the Archive Options of the right sight of the box
7)     Now click the Advance Tab
8)    Now we have to give a password for our setup file. So click “ Set Password ”
Remember : which password you will given it will be needed when you setup the file. You can call it also a serial key. Cause It will keep your software protected. That mean if the password is wrong then you can’t setup the file.
9)    Then a dialogue box will be open. Type a password in the enter password box.
10)Click the ok button. Then click the Sfx Option.

11)A dialogue box will be open. Then write the name of the folder in which you will setup the Path to Extract file.

12)Now lick the Add Shortcuts Buttons.

13)Click Start Menu / Programs from the Where to Create Group box .

14)You can see a folder which name is Destination Folder in the below of      Source File Name in there you will write the name of your Software.
Remember : which name you will give your Destination Folder , mainly those files will stay as a shortcut in that name on Start – Programs.

15)Click the ok. And come out from there.

16)Write you software title in Title of SFX Window. And write a description about your software in Text to Display in SFX Window.
As like as :
created by

17)Now for doing installer icon click the browse button beside from Load SFX Icon from the File.

18)Then select and icon for giving installer icon from icon formate / .ico extension Then click ok. And again click ok

19)That for your installer will be created. Now go that folder in where you was  create your folder as a installer. You can see your installer in there.

Now open the software .if everything is alright then use the password and setup your software.

It will be done. We created as like as many of Technology tips , Computer Tips , Freelancing  , outsourcing tips and a lot of collecton for hacking.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

           Update your Samsung Galaxy to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
Today I will show you how to you do update your Samsung Galaxy Android to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean by Using Custom Rom.
See the directions of below :
1)      Just try this process only Samsung Ace model S5830. Don’t try to this process on another modle as like S5830i.
2)      Create your custom recover mood by using your present ROM’S android.
3)      Sms and Application backup are important.
4)      Do Sync your Gmail account.
5)      Make sure that your phone have almost 50% battery.
How to install jelly bean Android 4.2.2 Custom Rom to Samsun Galaxy ACE S5830 :
1)      Don’t make any change, keep your Custom ROM ( in your pc.
2)      Connect your phone on your pc , and keep your download ROM on your phone memory card.
3)      Turn off your phone.
4)      Keep your phone in CMW Recovery mood.
5)      When will show the ” Custom Recovery “ from the main menu , then select “ Backup & Restore “ option. Creat the backup of your present’s ROM’S Android.
6)      Now select “ Wipe data/Factory reset ” . make sure this process.
7)      Now install the Sd Card from zip file. Find SGS2 JB ROM ZIP file and install.
8)      When finishing the installing of ROM , take it on Recover Mood.
9)      Select “ reboot system now ” and wait until finished the process.
10)  Now enter the google account and get update about your Device Controlling.
All the best friend’s.

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