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Sunday, July 21, 2013

  What is SEO ? Why It should use ?

Welcome everyone to my first post about seo series. In our site we are always trying to give you some special , some usefull , some important and some needable info from which you can solve your this consistency today we are coming to you with this serial tutorial about SEO learning.
 Many of you can ask a question that What the meaning of the Title ? A to Z it should be. Seo content is so huge that it's actually real knowledge can not be fully and constantly changing the rules of seo. So it is up to A to Y.

I'll try to give you the Advance level knowledge of the Entry level of ideas about seo, Basic rules are the same. It is very important to know the Fundamental rules for seo. If I have any mistakes in my post , then please let me know by comment I will try to solve those mistakes.
What is SEO ? and why is the use ?
There have 2 type of result
A)  Organic
B)   Paid

We are here to talk about organic search result. Cause it is free and its very easy to give the ad for paid search result if you cost money.
How does the Search work ?
The work of the two component search engine:
  • ·        Crawler - a predominantly from the website of the Information Collect (spider, robot / bot through) a Search Engine or SE follow a link to any of the information, and then store that information in their databesae.
  • ·        Algorithm - a search engine to obtain information from the analysis, the page's relevancy and quality of the content provided in accordance with the ranking. SE's Algorithm depends on many factor.
  • Simply seo is divided by 2 sector.
1) On Page Seo

2) Off Page Seo

What is SEO ?
seo - search engine optimization. seo is the policy / technique in which a variety of Web search engine (google, msn, yahoo etc) is more of Visitors / Traffic can get. In fact, seo search engine through its website that it would bring the first page, so the potential for increased greatly improve. In more simple way: if we want to download a song, then this is what we usually google search, we can write the lyrics line. Please note that we are now the google search button press displays the name of the website where we can get the song. Google the name of the page that shows the 10 oyerasaitaera. Now you might think that why this few sites are coming in the first page ? and why the rest sites are go for the behind page ? is Google doing this in his own wish ? or it has some another reason ? surely the sites of first page have some special , which haven’t into anothers.  Having this few speciality is called SEO, in which you can take your website to the first page. And first page means a lot of visitor.

Whom are new in seo they can follow Google Webmaster Guidline. If you follow the basic rules then you don’t need to be worried about seo. We make a website for visitor , for this reason if you can give them the main and expectable information then your 50-60% job will be done. Why a visitor do a search : They are looking for an answer to the question, or they are looking to solve a problem, or they want to meet their needs. If you can give them the answer of their question , solution of their problem , or the need of them through you site then you have don’t need to be tensed any more . 


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  4. The information is given is very useful.Though the knowledge is only basic but it is very useful who want to design the website that what rule they should follow to make their website easily accessible by using search engine.

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