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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Today I will show you that how to hack or change the password of windows 7 by using command prompt 
we have a lot of  relatives who are used there computer by using password protection and we can’t enter the computer if we don’t know the password. So for those people which are you want to hack the windows 7 password I am creating my this tune.
This Hacking can do with 2 ways.
1)      For doing this fully or (a-z) we need to download a 600 mb file
In this case you will found one benefit and that is you can hack the pc without its user !!!
2)      By using cmd without seeing the administrator :
But the problem of this is that you have to open this computer by its owner. If the owner open it to you after that you can hack this.
At first number 2 :
You have to download the “ Unlocker 1.9.0 ” and its just a 1mb file. By using this software you can hack that pc as a administrator. But don’t be afraid from this file it’s not a virus. Let’s install this software and you have to do this works on when you computer is on and open.
Open the computer by Administrator :
Install unlocker software. After complete the installation follow the steps of below :

Then open computer > c: > windows > system32 >Utilman.exe

Click the right button of Utilman.exe file and open by Unlocker

then a dialog box will open as like as below

select rename from action box

then rename box will open type ultimate.exe in the box

then find the cmd.exe file and do copy

paste your desktop

rename the paste file with simply way

give the name of it 1cmd.exe

prees the right click on the file and open the unlocker

select move from action and press ok

a box will come for set destination you have to select as like as below
computer > (c:) > windows > system32

then a messege will come as like as below

open system 32 and find the 2cmd.exe open the unlocker as like as the past way

open it and select rename from the action box

type Ultimate.exe in the box and press ok (the letter “U” must have to write in capital letter )

if you have done rightly the task of above then this message will come

restart the computer
then when will come the password login screen you can found an icon of its left. (Ease of Acesse)

when you click on it change of ease of accesse and will start your cmd. A programme will start as like as

then type in the box net user and press the enter

a reply message will come as like as

from this you will found the name of computer of the administrator. As like as mine is Rashed
now write net user your administrators name then press enter. Example : net user Rashed

now type a password as you wish. Press enter.

Now retype your password then prees enter. Password will be changed.
If your are successful then a message will come as like .

Now login and enjoy.
All the best.

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