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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Create Set Up File by Winrar
Hi Friends how are you all ? in our post’s we will give you many kind of hacking , hardware , software , make money from online and as like as many tips. today I will show you that how to create a set up file by Winrar. It’s a well proved process. Let’s come with me and get this tips for free !!!
What is Winrar :  winrar is a very famous  software for “ Compressed “ any file.
In which file that in entering a huge data in one time and make those all file in a one file that called “Compressed” File. This will simply .rar extension. Mainly winrar is using for archiving but it can also use as a installer. Are you astonished ? ok don’t take panic. I will see you how to create a set up file by Winrar.
1)    First of all open the winrar . (start – programs – winrar – click winrar then winrar will be open)
2)    Now go that place in where you will create that set up folder.
3)    Select the File or Folder
4)    Now Commands – click to Add Files to Archive
5)    A dialogue box will be come.
6)    Check the box which name is Create Sfx Archive from the Archive Options of the right sight of the box
7)     Now click the Advance Tab
8)    Now we have to give a password for our setup file. So click “ Set Password ”
Remember : which password you will given it will be needed when you setup the file. You can call it also a serial key. Cause It will keep your software protected. That mean if the password is wrong then you can’t setup the file.
9)    Then a dialogue box will be open. Type a password in the enter password box.
10)Click the ok button. Then click the Sfx Option.

11)A dialogue box will be open. Then write the name of the folder in which you will setup the Path to Extract file.

12)Now lick the Add Shortcuts Buttons.

13)Click Start Menu / Programs from the Where to Create Group box .

14)You can see a folder which name is Destination Folder in the below of      Source File Name in there you will write the name of your Software.
Remember : which name you will give your Destination Folder , mainly those files will stay as a shortcut in that name on Start – Programs.

15)Click the ok. And come out from there.

16)Write you software title in Title of SFX Window. And write a description about your software in Text to Display in SFX Window.
As like as :
created by

17)Now for doing installer icon click the browse button beside from Load SFX Icon from the File.

18)Then select and icon for giving installer icon from icon formate / .ico extension Then click ok. And again click ok

19)That for your installer will be created. Now go that folder in where you was  create your folder as a installer. You can see your installer in there.

Now open the software .if everything is alright then use the password and setup your software.

It will be done. We created as like as many of Technology tips , Computer Tips , Freelancing  , outsourcing tips and a lot of collecton for hacking.

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