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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Every year, the University of Otago welcomes international students from over 90 different countries around the world. University of Otago is a great icon of those university whose are give a huge priority for the international student who want to build there career from study abroad. In this post we give you the whole information about admissiontution fees scholarships , subject and programs , job opportunity , visa processing and a lot of other information’s. so please let’s come with us and just take a look the glorious opportunity of University of Otago .
Introduce to University of Otago:-
Full name :                  University of Otago.
Motto in English :       Dare to be Wise
Established :                1869
Type :                          Public
Chancellor :                 John Ward
Vice-Chancellor :        Harlene Hayne
Students :                    21,728 (2011)
Location :                    Dunedin , Otago , New Zealand
Subject & programmes of Otago University :there are the list of all subject and programs of all sections and classes by list of Capital letter.
Accounting         Acupuncture      Addiction & Co-existing Disorders      Advanced Clinical Nursing
Anatomy             Anthropology    Applied Geology      Applied Geology              Applied Science
Agriculture & Fisheries  Archeology      Art History & Theory       Asian Studies     Aviation Medicine
Biochemistry      Bioengineering                   Bioethics              Biology Biomedical Science          Biotechnology     Botany  Business Administration                   Business Law      Business Studies
Cardiology    Chemistry     Child Health        Chinese      Classical Music     Clinical Education
Clinical Pharmecy     Clothing & Textiles Science     Communication Studies        Computer & Information Science      Consumer Food Science        Consumer Science 
Dance Education      Dance Studies   Dental Technology     Dental Therapy      Dentistry      Diabetes
Design for Technology   Design Studios      Drugs & Human Health  
Earth & Ocean Science   Ecology   Economics         Education            Electronics          Energy Studies  English Entrepreneurship            Environmental Health    Environmental   Science                 Environment & Science

Family & Society         Film & Media Studies     Finance                   Food Innovation            Food Science     French 
Gender Studies          General Practice          Genetics              Geography         Geology               German               Greek  
Health Economics & Management                Health Information         Health Science   Health Studies   Health Management History                          History of Philosophy & Science                     Hospitality           
Information & Communication Technology          Information Science       International Business
Language & Linguistics
Management    Marine Science Marketing Management              Mathemitcs        Medicine             Mental Health
Microbiology      Ministry               Music   
Neuroscience    Nursing                                Nutrition              Nutrition Communicaton
Gynaecology      Oral Medicine    Oral Pathology  Oral Surgery       Oral Health                        
Performing Art Studies        Pharmacology   Pharmacy            Philosophy          Politics & Economics       Physical Education       Physics             Politics                 Psychology
Arts and Music Qualifications:-
Arts and Music Undergraduate
o    Diploma in Language (DipLang)
o    Diploma in Language and Culture (DipLangC)
o    Bachelor of Arts (BA)
o    Bachelor of Music (MusB)
o    Bachelor of Social and Community Work (BSCW) - no new enrolments
o    Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)
o    Bachelor of Social Work with Honours (BSW(Hons))
Arts and Music Postgraduate
o    Bachelor of Arts with Honours (BA(Hons))
o    Bachelor of Music with Honours (MusB(Hons))
o    Diploma for Graduates (DipGrad)
o    Postgraduate Certificate in Children's Issues (PGCertChls)
o    Postgraduate Certificate in Social Welfare (PGCertSW) - no new enrolments
o    Graduate Diploma in Second Language Teaching (GDipSLT)
o    Postgraduate Diploma in Arts Subjects (PGDipArts)
o    Postgraduate Diploma in Child Advocacy (PGDipChAd) - no new enrolments
o    Postgraduate Diploma in Music (PGDipMus)
o    Postgraduate Diploma in Social and Community Work(PGDipSCWk) - no new enrolments
o    Postgraduate Diploma in Social Welfare (PGDipSW)
o    Master of Arts (MA)
o    Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
o    Master of Indigenous Studies (MIndS)
o    Master of International Studies (MIntSt)
o    Master of Music (MMus)
o    Master of Planning (MPlan)
o    Master of Social and Community Work (MSCW)
o    Master of Social Welfare (MSW) - no new enrolments
o    Master of Social Work (MSW)
o    Doctor of Literature (LittD)
o    Doctor of Music (MusD)
o    Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)
o    Doctor of Philosophy (
Commerce Qualifications:-
Commerce Undergraduate
o    Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)
Commerce Postgraduate
o    Bachelor of Commerce with Honours (BCom(Hons))
o    Diploma for Graduates (DipGrad)
o    Postgraduate Certificate in Executive Management(PGCertEM)
o    Postgraduate Certificate in Technology and Entrepreneurship(PGCertTE)
o    Diploma in Business Administration (DipBusAdmin)
o    Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce (PGDipCom)
o    Postgraduate Diploma in Executive Management (PGDipEM)
o    Master of Business (MBus)
o    Master of Business Administration (MBA)
o    Master of Commerce (MCom)
o    Master of Entrepreneurship (MEntr)
o    Master of Tourism (MTour)
o    Doctor of Commerce (DCom)
o    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Consumer and Applied Sciences Qualifications:-
Consumer and Applied Sciences Undergraduate
o    Bachelor of Consumer and Applied Sciences (BCApSc) - no new enrolments
Consumer and Applied Sciences Postgraduate
o    Bachelor of Consumer and Applied Sciences with Honours(BCApSc(Hons)) - no new enrolments
o    Postgraduate Diploma in Consumer and Applied Sciences(PGDipCApSc) - no new enrolments
o    Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics (PGDipDiet) - no new enrolments
o    Master of Consumer and Applied Sciences (MCApSc) - no new enrolments
o    Master of Design (MDes)
o    Master of Dietetics (MDiet)
o    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Dentistry Qualifications:-
Dentistry Undergraduate
o    Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
o    Bachelor of Dental Technology (BDentTech)
o    Bachelor of Oral Health (BOH)
o    Bachelor of Dental Surgery with Honours (BDS(Hons))
o    Bachelor of Dental Technology with Honours(BDentTech(Hons))
Dentistry Postgraduate
o    Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology(PGDipCDTech)
o    Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (PGDipClinDent)
o    Postgraduate Diploma in Community Dentistry(PGDipComDent)
o    Postgraduate Diploma in Dental Technology (PGDipDentTech)
o    Postgraduate Diploma in Dental Therapy (PGDipDentTher)
o    Master of Community Dentistry (MComDent)
o    Master of Dental Surgery (MDS)
o    Master of Dental Technology (MDentTech)
o    Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (DClinDent)
o    Doctor of Dental Science (DDSc)
o    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Education Qualifications:-
Education Undergraduate
o    Graduate Certificate in Teacher Development (GCertTchrDev)
o    Bachelor of Education (BEd)
o    Bachelor of Education Studies (BEdSt)
o    Bachelor of Teaching (BTchg)
Health Sciences Qualifications:-
Health Sciences Undergraduate
o    Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (BBiomedSc)
o    Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (BMLSc)
o    Bachelor of Radiation Therapy (BRT)
Medicine Qualifications:-
Medicine Undergraduate
o    Certificate in Health Promotion (CertHProm)
o    Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MB ChB)
Bachelor of Medical Science with Honours (BMedSc(Hons)

New Zealand University Entrance Requirements:-

New Zealand University Entrance can be achieved through one of the following categories:
o    NCEA Level 3
o    Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)
o    International Baccalaureate (IB)
o    other New Zealand secondary school qualifications
o    Australian Secondary School Ranking (ATAR or OP)
o    overseas secondary school qualifications
o    tertiary qualifications or study
o    Foundation Studies
o    Special Admission - for students 20 years of age or over
o    Discretionary Entrance - for students under 20 years of age

Language Requirements:-

If you are seeking admission to the University you must be competent in the use and understanding of written and spoken English.
You fulfil language requirements if you meet the admission criteria for:
o    NCEA Level 3
o    University Entrance
o    Completion of Year 13 overseas
o    Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)
o    International Baccalaureate (IB)
o    Australian secondary school ranking (ATAR or OP)
If you do not meet the criteria for any of these methods of admission, and your first language is not English or Mäori, you must normally provide certified results in order to satisfy language Requirements for admission to the University of Otago.

Tuition Fees Bands For Subject Categories:-

The main fee bands are listed below, with associated fees (GST inclusive) for New Zealand citizens or permanent residents.

Tuition fees for Subject Categories (per 1.0 EFTS)

Undergraduate (excl. Honours)
Arts, Languages, Theology, Mathematics, Education
Commerce, Teaching
Law (excluding Honours)
Computer Science, Design, Geography, Information Science, Music, Science
Physical Education
$5,575.00 - $6,905.00
Health Sciences, Pharmacy, Surveying
Physiotherapy - Years 2 to 3 inclusive
Physiotherapy - Year 4

Student Services Fees

The University of Otago is required by Government regulation to ensure a range of services are available to students and these are funded through the charging of the Student Services Fee.
In 2013, the Student Services Fee (GST inclusive) for Dunedin on-campus students is $671.67.
Students whose course is delivered at the other University of Otago campuses (Wellington, Christchurch and Southland) are charged a Student Services Fee of $122.53.
Distance students are not charged a Student Services Fee as there is no access to services for these students.
Student Services Fee for Summer School $112.00.
Please visit the Student Services Fee Information page for further details.
These fees are compulsory however there are certain exemptions that may apply. Please refer to the University of Otago Fees Exemption regulations for details.
The Otago University Students' Association (OUSA) membership is voluntary in 2013 and there is no charge for membership.

Administration Fees:-

The following non-refundable fees (GST inclusive) may be charged (where applicable):
Fee for late payment of fees
Plus additional charge per month or part thereof
Fee for late application
Fee for late course approval
Fee for late application Summer School
Fee for late course confirmation Summer School
Special admission
Provisional entrance
Discretionary Entrance
Admission ad eundem statum (including with credit)
Extramural enrolment
Final Exam Only (per paper)
Reinstatement of enrolment after cancellation
Tuition refund fee
Fee for a certified academic transcript
(Charge per additional copy requested at the same time)
Recount of results (per paper)
Replacement of degree, diploma, or certified document
Collected in person
By courier within New Zealand or Australia
By courier to other overseas countries


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