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Friday, June 28, 2013

In the world a lot of users use the world’s most great phone the “ i-phone ”. but in this phone it’s have no option or it’s haven’t any opportunity of  Bluetooth sharing. If  you want to take something from your friend’s phone you can’t take anything for don’t having this option. Today’s in our post we will show you some most interesting tips for “ i-phone Bluetooth sharing ."  
Some mandatory conditions :  
Oviously you phone have to the jailbreak mood and remember that this procedure is only applicable for ios 5.1.1 or it’s low model.
1)      Add cydia source
2)      Afte doing this , write airblue shearing and press search
3)      Install Airblue Shearing
4)      Go to setting and set “ Activation Setting ” for this setting you phone have to install the “ Activator ” software. If your phone doesn’t have this software then go the cydia and search the activator you will get this and then install this software
5)      Done ! now you can share your desirable file or folder from any other mobiles.
Problem or Solution :
·         You send any picture by using this software but if you want to send another file or folder then you will need to install the iFile Software and you can get this from “ cydia ”
·         If you send any file but it create any problem for receiving then you should do “Airblue Stack Downgrade” . you can download this software from this link



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