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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Good morning. How are you all ? I hope you are fine. Today my tune is for only i-phone users.
Today I will give you the information to update ios 6.1.2. with some high resolution screenshot.
I will do my work by evasion  1.4.  So at first please download the evasion-6.0-6.1.2 jailbreak.
All so first conditions :
         1)      Before update your i-phone please  keep it’s backup
         2)      Evasion software can do update  is only for  ios 6 , 6.0.1 , 6.0.2 , 6.1 and 6.2
         3)      Please delete or erase the password of your i-phone if you have.
The commodities which you will need :
         1)      1 computer (highly configure which you can arranged)
         2)      I-phone
         3)      Data cable
         4)      Internet connection (make sure that the connection have some good speed )
The models in which this process will activate :
         1)      Iphone 3gs (old bootrom)
         2)      Iphone 3gs (new bootrom)
         3)      Iphone 4
         4)      Iphone 4s
         5)      Iphone 5
         6)      Ipod touch fourth generation
         7)      Ipod touch Fifth generation
         8)      Ipad mini
         9)      Ipad 2
       10)  Ipad third generation
       11)  Ipad fourth generation
       12)  Apple tv second generation
Now let’s update the “ Jailbreak ” in you iphone

Install the downloaded software. Must use “ run as administrator ” when you will installed it.
Make connect your iphone with your pc by your data cable. Run the evasion software. Now click “ Jailbreak ”

Wait until before finished the programme. Now your iphone take a lovely restart and do copy all of your Important file and folders. It take a lot of time for copying. So wait until finish copying. But don’t use the iphone in this middle time when it doing copy.

After finishing the copy process please run your “ jail break apps ” frome your iphone menu. It’s a type of loader which make a direct connection of your iphone with the evasion site it will install “ Cydia ”

After finishing the installment of Cydia the “ jailbreak” icon will remove automatically. Now you can see the Cydia icon in you iphone screene.

And it’s the final process of the “ jailbreak ”. it’s a proved process for jailbreak. But I want tell you that
Jailbreak is a difficult option so if you make any damage of your iphone for doing jailbreak by reading my tune in that situation I don’t take any responsibility for you phone. But you can be sure that it’s a proven process.
All the best friends !!!  


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