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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hello and welcome to you well. A big part of people in world using iphone , ipad , ipod. In this product when you going to install some apps , software or something others you have to face some irritating problem. Today I will give the solution of this kind of problem.
1.      First of all download the latest version of “itunes”. (itunes 10.6.3)
2.      Your product have to be on jailbreak mood.
3.      Run the cydia install those tweaks from your phone menu
Open SSH
Appsync for 3+/4+/5+(firstly add this source : )
4.      Now restart your iphon/ipod/ipad
5.      Download the software “ iFunbox ”
6.      Connect your phone to your pc
7.      When itunes will run close this
8.      Now run the “ ifunbox ”

In here
1)      Now clik install apps , you can install games or apps by browsing .ipa file.

2)      You can remove file or folder from file sharing supporting apps by clicking apple file sharing tab.
Example : add any formate of”  avplayer “  you can play this aviplayer on your iphone
3)      You can get you pictures on camera tab
4)      You can add new wallpaper from this place
5)      You can install here file downloading from Cydia Tweaks
6)      You can add your new ringtone
7)      Can get recorded audio
8)      This is a file browser. You can browse system , row , root , hidden by this. ( add/remove/modify )
All the best !!!



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