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Friday, June 28, 2013

Laptop will give you a best service since 1-2 years from it’s buying time. But after that time your lovely laptop giving you a lot of problem’s. And one of the best problem is the cooling problem. Your laptop going to be hot day by day. And some time it make a lot of problem and sometime it makes a firing problem also. In our post I will give you some best tips with some nice screenshot for this problem.
First Step:

Go your Battery icon of your laptop and press your left site from your mouse and go more power option. After that see the next image :

Then go “ High Performance ” and click “ Change Plan Settings ” . see the next image :

Click “Changed Advanced power Setting “

Then next click step 5 , and also click pugged in from step 6 and next

Do the capacity of 85% in plugged in > apply > ok. Then do restart.
After those step’s if it doesn’t work then you have to do some hard work:

Open your “Back Cover” of your laptop then do this job as like as :

Clean the cooling fan and clean the way from which the wind will go outside. And then do another work : before that just want to say one word that don’t use your laptop to keep up any kind of pillow by doing this laptop will be hot much. See the next image

Stand your laptop as this style for which the wind can go out or inside easily. If you can use any cooling fan under you laptop it will be more best. 


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